"There is no substitute for experience. Art and design require mastery of many skills, investigation of many emotions, and exploration of many ideas. There are no shortcuts. Persistence is much more than talent. No matter how much talent you have, nothing will happen without a sincere and sustained commitment to your work."
 -Rick Paul

"Skills are very important, but nowhere near enough to make art. Definitely acquire the skills through whatever practice and education you choose and embrace it with discipline and have no attachment to success. Work as hard as you can. Don't ever compare yourself to others. Learn how to work on your work. The more you paint or sculpt or draw the more you will know what to do and the more you will develop your voice. Stay true to your work. Don't try to make art about things you don't know about, care about, or understand. Make art that you care about, because you believe it should exist."
 -Alyssa Monks

Influential Artists

Alyssa Monks        James Rosenquist      MC Esher     Titian      Michelangelo          Masaccio     Botticelli      Fra Filippo Lippi
Verrocchio             Leonardo da Vinci     Raphael        Swoon    Shelby Shadwell    Christa Palazzolo             Kurt Kauper
Christoph Schmidberger